Could AMD be set to release their own mining specific cards like Nvidia?


An article from is apparently showing images of an AMD graphics card without an HDMI output, could be the first sighting of such an offering. The information was garnered from @SquashBionic on twitter and taken from a Vietnamese Facebook page.

AMD GPU Mining Card

The pictures show that the graphics cards are taking on a new look with no visible fans, we suspect they will be using linier cooling along the length of the card and displace the heat either to the front or rear of the cards. A great idea to help pick up the heat in one area to assist in lowering the ambient temperatures. 

GPU Mining Card

The clean looking front does show the clever design, the rear of the card clearly shows 2 x 8 pin PCIe connectors.

The new design may not be pretty but if it mines better than the Nvidia CPM cards and provides better hash per £ it could be an option in the GPU restricted market.


Graphics card for crypto mining

We are not normally a fan of mining specific cards due to the limited resale value, but AMD have shown that they can produce efficient, high performing graphics cards at an affordable price. An example of this is the AMD RX 5700 release in June 2019 and still performs better than a lot of current cards and only at around 30% - 50% of the cost.