Crypto Mining Rig Cables and Maximum Current Draw

Planning your mining rig cable management is one of the most important things for your mining rig, using the correct cables is essential to prevent burning them out and creating a fire risk. It comes down to understanding your GPU’s power requirements and which cables you need for your situation. We hope this handy guide will help you through the pit falls and become a wattage wizard of mining rig cables.

Let's go ahead and start with the PCI-e connections, here one eight pin PCI-e cable or the dual eight pin PCI-e cable can carry around 288 watts.

6/8 pin to 6/8 pin PCIE cable

288w is basically the max wattage they can carry, so you don't want to go above it but you also don't want to stay near the maximum for too long. For example let's say that we're using the dual 8 pin connector so you have two eight pins and then you decide to use two splitters as well so you're connecting one splitter on each eight pin and now you'll have a total of four eight pins so hypothetically you can plug those four eight pins into two RTX 3070’s and we know for a fact they can take anywhere from 115 watts to 250 watts for each card. If you’re overclocking ever resets, you'll be taking around 250 watts on stock settings and then you're also powering two of them so that means you're taking around 500 watts if it does reset to stock settings. That cable will have to handle 500 watts when it's only rated for 288 watts so you need to make sure that you're distributing your power well enough so you don't damage anything. The better solution for that would be to say you'd use again the same thing you'd use two different splitters you have now four different eight pins you can go ahead and use one of those splitters into two risers while the other one would plug into one GPU or to be even safer you can just use one splitter so that one splitter with the double eight pin would plug directly to the GPU and then the other eight pin you can just use the sixth part of it and then plug it into the riser so like that just one strand is powering the RTX 3070 with its riser so with your overclock settings you'll be drawing around 115 watts to 250 watts. As we mentioned, the riser won't be taking as much and if it ever comes to a scenario where your overclock's reset you're not putting too much strain on the cable. Hopefully by the time it does reset you'll be able to catch it in a short space of time and reset the overclock settings or the mining rig will turn off and not keep mining hopefully. Your goal will be to make sure if your overclocks ever reset, make sure that you always try to keep your eye on it and fix the overclocks right away.

6 pin to 6 pin PCI-e mining cable

Now on to see what the six pin PCI-e connector can provide it is rated to only 216 watts so if you use a 6 pin to 6/8 pin connector all eight pins you can give 288 watts but if you are powering from a six pin PCI-e, you can only give as much as 216 watts per cable.

6 pin to 6/8 pin PCIE cable


6 pin to 6/8 pin dual PCIE mining cable

That goes for splitters as well, so if you plug in a splitter into a six pin then that same exact amount of power will be combined between the two heads of the splitter even if it's a six pin splitter to an eight 8-pin splitter it will still give the same exact amount of power from the original strand so now as for the PCI-e connections. If you have any questions about it just send us a message and we will be able to advise you for the correct cables for your set up.

Let's move on to the MOLEX connections so for MOLEX we can draw 156 watts from the entire strand so usually on those strands you can have up to three to four heads and if you have three or four heads that doesn't mean you can take 156 watts from all of them you can only take 156 watts total.


6 pin to triple Molex

You'll just need to only use 156 watts from those MOLEX connectors which means they are more powerful than SATA, if you ever had to power your risers with SATA you can also choose to do it with MOLEX instead.

6 pin to single Molex cable

Finally we are on the SATA connectors so SATA connectors and using them to power risers, it is a very debatable thing.

6 pin to SATA cable

There are two different outlooks to using SATA, we do not personally suggest using SATA cables for powering risers as the 54 watt max is simply too low. AMD Mid to top tier GPU’s take more power through the risers so definitely do not ever use SATA to power AMD RX6700 and above cards. The only time would be on very efficient AMD and Nvidia cards like the RX6600 or GTX 1660’s but hopefully we're hoping this guide will help you clarify some information.
Let's take a look at the SATA strand, for the SATA strand it can provide up to 54 watts for the entire strand just like Molex you have more than one connector on one strand but it's recommended to only use one if you're connecting it to a GPU riser.

6 pin PCIE to 3 way SATA cable

If you're connecting example an SSD and your RGB fan controller it's fine to use both of them and then you just want to get another strand if you're trying to connect that SATA to a riser.

Don't use one SATA to two different risers or three different risers make sure that you stick from one SATA to one riser only and for sure never plug in your SATA into the GPU, do not get a SATA to six pin and then plug that six pin into your GPU that is dangerous and it will definitely melt the SATA cable.

Again we do not recommend using SATA cables and think and do your sums if you left with no other option of using SATA to power your risers.