4 way Fan Splitter Hub
4 way Fan Splitter Hub
4 way Fan Splitter Hub
4 way Fan Splitter Hub

4 way Fan Splitter Hub

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4 way Fan Splitter Hub 

It is designed for enthusiasts with need for controlling numerous system fans.
Capable of expanding one motherboard PWM fan header to support up to five fans.
Support PWM function, speed control, satisfy your control needs.
Compatible with 3-pin / 4-pin fans (Due to 3 pins no PWM controller, 3-pin fans would run in full speed.)
Comes with self-stick for easy installation and options to hide the PCB itself.
Since only one RPM signal can be read by one motherboard connector, only CPU Fan channel of the PWM splitter carries an RPM signal;
Thus the motherboard will only read the RPM signal of the PWM device that is connected to channel 1 of the splitter.

Kindly Remind:
- Only the fan on CPU Fan channel is used for monitoring.
- All connected fans are following the same PWM signa, speed control is the same for all fans when use fan controller software like AI stuite/Xspert FAN and EASY TUNE, etc.
- PWM capable connectors must necessarily be 4-pin, but not all 4-pin motherboard connectors implement or enable the PWM signal modulation by default.
- Please carefully consult your motherboard documentation in this respect.
- This is only a fan hub, NOT fan speed controller.
- Only 4-pin PWM fans speed can be adjusted by fan controller software.
- 3-pin fan would run in full speed, can not be adjusted when connect.

Item Type: 4-Port Fan Hub
Length: Approx. 30cm
Connector A: 1 - TX4 4-pin Female
Connector B: 1 - TX4 4-pin Male for CPU fan (including Detect tach pin)
3 - TX4 4-pin Male for case fan
Voltage: DC 12V

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