GPU Mining Riser VER010S 8 Capacitor crypto mining risers
VER010S PCI-E Riser Card
VER010S PCI-E Riser Card
VER010S PCI-E Riser Card
VER010S PCI-E Riser Card

VER010S PCI-E Riser Card

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VER010S PCI-E Riser Card

The PCI Riser 010S Express Extender is meant for GPU mining, this riser has 2 LED's to highlight any disturbance in power supply. The VER010S now features 8 capacitors for more stable and durable operation.

The VER010s riser has a 6-pin connector and is provided with a gold coating which makes sure your connection stays cool to prevent any over heating. The gold plated USB adapter and PCI x1 slot provides a more stable connection.

Additional LED-indicator on the PCI x1 connector which allows you to see if the riser is installed correctly. This riser provides the flexibility to space your GPU's for cryptocurrency mining to help keep your GPU's cool.

Suitable for 6-pin powering and Molex powering.

Fitted with 2.5mm environmentally friendly fire retardant foam backing to prevent shorting.

NOTE: We do not recommend not using the SATA cable to power your rises, the cable is only rated to 52W, risers can draw up to 75W of power. We suggest powering your risers with any of our 6 pin splitter cables or its own cable if you have spare ports. Always power your GPU and risers from the same power supply.

Size: 122 x 45 x 15 mm (approx. )

  • 50 cm USB 3.0 cable double shielded, winding shielded net and aluminium foil shield (colour may vary)
  • USB to PCI-Express connection
  • 6-pin to SATA connection cable

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